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Do you want to unlock your dogs "Hidden Intelligence"?

Me too let's find out together ...

Brain Training for Dogs: Can it really unlock your dog’s intelligence?

This post does contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation (at no cost to you) when you purchase from my links, which we normally spend on more things to review or shoes…mostly shoes…but you can read all about it here in our full disclosure. Have a great day we love you always and forever tribe…


From the research I have done up until now I have found that most dog training programs are quite stuffy a bit boring. Most are outdated, unsafe and at times cruel, we definitely don’t like cruel. Luckily, today the training we are going to be looking at is Brain Training for Dogs and discover whether it really will deliver all that it says.

Are you planning on bringing home a new best friend or do you want to build a stronger relationship with your current best friend and learn how to communicate better?

Then start following this blog and our social media to learn skills to build a strong bond with your dog and help them unleash their intelligence. We will also look at healthy snacks for your pal, games, toys and most importantly treat and not just the edible type! We epically love anything that is not only educational but fun for the whole family. And the lucky people who do join our tribe may get to meet the newest member of our family that had led us on this everything puppy journey.

However, right now let’s get into this review and discover whether this is the training I think would be best to use for my family and maybe help you find out if it's right for your dog and family too! Then we will find out if this training really works when we test it out, sometime in the near future…I hope…

The first thing that attracted me to this training was when I discovered Brain training for dogs is a form of force-free training because while I want my new puppy to listen to me I really don’t what him to be scared of me. I want him to love us and be our best friend, so the positive reinforcement hooked me to find out more about Brain training for dogs.

You may not be aware, but dominance training causes your dog to have Low self-esteem, a lack of trust in their family and can slow down the learning process entirely.

Whereas training your dog using positive reinforcement helps build confidence in your dog and teaches them how to become a problem solver. This method of training can actually accelerate the learning process all while building a strong bond between pup and family.

So it was a no-brainier that whichever training method I was going with would need to fall into the positive reinforcement category.

When I came across dog training by Adrienne Farricelli and her dog training philosophy of science-based, force-free and kind methods really stood out.

Another thing I love about this training is that dogs of any age can be successfully trained, puppies not adults and even senior dogs. These methods challenge you and your dog physically and mentally which I can probably benefit from as much.

The training exercises are a progressive course of games and puzzles that your dog will need to figure out. As with humans, there is a learning curve but it’s not a race, it's about developing my dog's mental agility, skill but more importantly, it's about having fun. Well, it's definitely important to me because I am easily distracted, something needs to be engaging or I will lot interest, far quicker than I care to admit.

I have never owned a dog before so I love that this training covers every conceivable problem I could have with a dog like potty training, dealing with aggression, jumping, chewing, barking and so many more some I haven’t even thought of. I’ve had many other animals in the past but a dog seems like a large responsibility that I really want to properly prepare for and this training seems to cover all the bases.

So my first blog post will detail all the great parts of this training, I hope you enjoy it...

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